The collector for checking of KST-6, KST-4

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Collector equipment for testing KST-6, KST-4


The collector of the KST series (transformer) of production of LLC Gidrogazkomplekt, is intended for accession to one main line and distribution of a working environment of identical pressure on "consumers". At the same time "consumer" is understood as the separate manometer (pressure sensor). The digit standing after the name (KST) defines the number of at the same time connected "consumers" (an example of KST-4 - four consumers). Each "consumer" is connected by the Auto clamping jig without use of the fork spanner, effort of a hand. From two parties of a collector are available the union for connection of the set pressure. Auto clamping jig cartridges have stubs. The design of a collector allows to put a collector during transportation, and also to establish a collector in user-friendly situation. A prime area of application of a collector - as the auxiliary device when checking in bodies of the public metrological service and at the industrial enterprises which are releasing and operating pressure gages. KST are made on TU 4212-008-00226220-2010 of the LLC Gidrogazkomplekt developer.

Collector of KST-6

Collector of KST-4

The collector of KST-6 (KST-4, KST-3, KST-2) is conveniently connected to a press of PUM-100M, PUM-60M, PUM-40M.

Collector of KST-6 in folded form.

Product Specifications:

Maximum pressure 60 MPas.
Working pressure 40 MPas.
Number of "consumers": 6, 4, 3, 2 pieces.
Distance between unions 100, 160 mm.
Threaded accession: M20x1,5.
Material: 12X18H10T or AISI304.
It is long no more: 980 (650) mm.
Width: 300 (200) mm.
Weight: 6,5 (4,0) kg.
Service life: 15 years.

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