Repair set to a press of 2113

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Often wearing member in the press 2113 productions of the Manometr plant, is the internal cylinder manufactured of steel 45.

We offer repair set (a node assembled) to a press of 2113 of production of LLC Gidrogazkomplekt. Repair set is made of high-quality stainless steel and is delivered in assembled form.

Repair set is a part:

  1. The cylinder internal (2) (see the Figure 1).
  2. Piston assembled (4).
  3. The trapezoidal screw with a nut (17).
  4. Copper laying (16).
  5. Set of spare rubber laying to the piston (3).
  6. Lubricant.
  7. Passport.

Repair set in the press of 2113 it is necessary steps for installation:

  • to merge liquid from a press;
  • to dismantle a flywheel (6);
  • to turn out the internal cylinder of a press 2113 of the outside cylinder (1);
  • to clear the surface of the external cylinder in the place of consolidation of a copper washer (16);
  • to insert the internal cylinder from repair set into the external cylinder of a press 2113 using a copper washer for consolidation and to tighten a nut of fastening of the internal cylinder.;
  • to mount a flywheel;
  • to fill crank chambers of a press with liquid according to the instruction on a press.

The piston and working part of the internal cylinder it is made of stainless steel, the trapezoidal nut (17) is made of bronze.


1. The outer cylinder.
2. The cylinder internal.
3. The rubber ring.
4. Piston.
5. The trapezoidal screw with a nut.
6. Flywheel.
7.8. Welded nozzle.
9. Tank.
10. Tank valve.
11. Union 8 valve.
12. Basis.
13. Drain opening (not in all modifications).
14. The nut is long.
15. Serial No.
16. The condensing copper laying.

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