Patron samopodzhimny

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Patron samopodzhimny serves for fast mounting and dismantle of metrological devices (pressure sensors, manometers and etc.) in the course of their checking at the testing stand in metrological laboratories, and also when molding different devices and highways. This device is manufactured of high-quality stainless steel, provides reliable connection between the device and the working (measured) environment.

Design features:

Patron samopodzhimny does not demand use of fork spanners. The calibrated device joins patron samopodzhimny by effort of a hand and provides reliable connection to 60 MPas.

Example 1

Example 2

Product Specifications:

Union thread M1 (M20x1,5).
Female threaded connection M1 (M20x1,5).
Material 12X18H10T
Length 98 mm.
Width 35 mm.
Вес 120 grams
Service life 15 years

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