Switching instrument KPM-2 module

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Equipment for commutation of measuring instruments with the line KPM-2

KPM-2 is developed and created by LLC Gidrogazkomplekt for convenience at operation of devices of measurement of pressure, pressure sensors with gaseous and liquid not aggressive to material 12kh18n10 environment.

There is permission to application on hazardous production facilities of systems of gas distribution and gas consumption No. PPC 00-049926 of 01.02.2013.

KPM-2 scheme

KPM-2 scheme</p

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KPM-2 is intended:

  • for switching of devices of measurement of pressure (pressure sensors, manometers and e.t.c.) with the highway;
  • for check of the device of pressure on "0".
  • for checking of the device of pressure to 6 MPas, without taking off it of the highway pressure, through a pilot hole of the drainage valve, at the closed main valve.
  • for safe and convenient mounting and dismantle of devices of measurement of pressure by means of a cap nut (i.e. excludes an opportunity to transfer the pressure sensor when mounting);
  • for damping of pressure;
  • at dismantle, by means of the drainage valve for depressurization in the working chamber of the measuring device to atmospheric (at compartments from the highway);

Design features:

The module does not perform function of the crane - the flow controller of the measured environment, it performs function of the valve between the measured environment and the working chamber of the measuring device.

KPM 2 allows to drain the pulse line and to connect the inspection and metrological equipment by means of a cap nut.

All KPM 2 nodes adjoining to working liquid are made of high-quality stainless steel that provides long and its reliable use. The valve necessary at mounting of manometers, pressure sensors, etc. is provided in a design of KPM 2 drainage (drain valve).

The KPM 2 case is executed from a monolithic corrosion-proof hexagon with a section of 27 mm.

 Use of KPM-2 really saves not only your time in but also money.

Use of KPM-2 really saves not only your time in but also money.

Example of connection

Example of connection

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Product Specifications

KPM 2 is molded by pressure 6.0 MPa.
Working pressure 4,0 MPas.
Working environment cold water, hot water, steam.
KPM 2 has the union with an internal thread G 1/2 and a cap nut with a thread of M 20x1,5(G1/2).
Weight 320 grams.
Material stainless steel 12kh18n10.
Tightness class A in accordance with GOST 9544-93
Guarantee 2 years.
Service life 15 years.

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