The collector for checking with cut-off KS-3

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Collector equipment for check with cut-off KS-3


The collector of KS-3 is intended for accession to one main line of three manometers from 250 mm. to 300 mm. Each mounting face has a cut-off from the highway that allows to equip a collector with model manometers with a diameter of 250 mm on different pressure or to calibrate boiler manometers with a diameter of 300 mm. The collector has a depressurization valve on "0" (an extreme valve at the left). If necessary each mounting face is equipped Auto clamping jig with the boss. Auto clamping jig cartridges have stubs. A prime area of application of a collector - as the auxiliary device when checking in bodies of the public metrological service and at the industrial enterprises which are releasing and operating pressure gages.

Product Specifications:

Maximum pressure 30 MPa.
Working pressure 25 MPa.
Number of "consumers" 3 pieces.
Distance between unions 300 mm.
Threaded accession M20x1,5.
Material 12X18H10T or AISI304.
The length of no more than 980 mm.
Width 300 mm.
Weight 8,5 kg.
Life time 15 years.

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