Development and production of industrial application devices

We make expensive devices and sell them cheap.

"Gidrogazkomplekt" - Russian scientific and production company, founded in 2005.

Разработка и производство приборов общепромышленного применения Пресса гидравлические Российская армия использует наше оборудование для проверки Рабочее место для сверки данных на военной части Стол с различным нашим оборудованием Военные довольны нашей продукцией Кадр из передачи о мобильном проверочном центре Осмотр боевой техники

Our production is equipped with modern electronic and metalworking equipment that allows for the cutting-edge technology a wide range of metrology equipment, such as: digital pressure gauges, pressure sensors (converters), the press, portable series of PUM 60 M PUM 40 M PUM 6 M, 2113 M ( pressure setting devices), shut-off valves, collector and other high-tech products. Our devices are installed and for many years successfully working in Russia and abroad.

Digital manometers

Manometers model MO-05 0,1; 0,15; 0,25; 0,4%

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Manometers model MO-05 к.т. 0,05; 0,025%

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Digital manometers 5566 MO are designed for measurement and continuous transformation of excess pressures (vacuum), liquids, gases and display the current measured value on the digital display.

Press calibration

Press 2113 M

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Press PUM-100M, PUM-60M, PUM-40M

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Press PM-100M

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Pump to the PUM series press

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Press a portable, versatile small PUM 100M, PUM 60M, PUM 40M. Press calibration are made of stainless steel, have a longer life, are used to set the required hydraulic or pneumatic overpressure or underpressure.

Complexes for measuring pressure

The testing and measuring POISK-600 complex

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Calibration and measurement complex "SEARCH-600" stand-alone, portable workstation for rapid deployment. Designed for calibration of pressure measuring instruments by comparing the readings in the pressure range from minus 0.1 to 60 MPa.

Press pneumatic

Press PT-0,25

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PUM-6M press (testing)

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Stainless steel press for setting pneumatic overpressure or vacuum.

Pressure sensors

MT100M sensor of housing and public utilities

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MT-ZhKH pressure sensors

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Sensors of excessive pressure

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Discharge sensors (MT100P sensor analog)

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Sensors of excess pressure discharge

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All stainless steel: a material fitting 12X18H10T each temperature-compensated pressure sensor MT100M on "0" and the entire measuring range, is vibration and vibration 10G, can withstand three times the overload in each sensor provides the possibility of adjustments to "0" and measuring range. Circuitry allows you to change the polarity.


The collector for checking of KST-6, KST-4

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The collector for checking with cut-off KS-4, KST-6

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The collector with radiator KS-2T

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Collector Series KST and KS intended for simultaneous calibration of several manometers of the same pressure. These devices are not a means of measuring and obligatory certification are not subject.

Auxiliary equipment

Switching instrument KPM-2 module

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KPM 3 switching instrument module

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Crane of high pressure KVD400, KVD600, KVD1000

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Auto clamping jig

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Radiators for pressure sensors

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The sleeve is connecting

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Hosepipe of high pressure

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We offer a wide range of accessories: switching instrument KPM modules, hose connectors, sockets self-biasing, additional radiators to the pressure sensors, plugs, adapters, sleeves to the thermometers, etc.

The Gidrogazkomplekt invites to cooperation of regional representatives for realization of sensors, figurative press manometrical.

One of the priority directions for us is development and production of pressure sensors which work is possible in the range of temperatures from - 55C to + 80C of a circumambient, at a temperature taken environments to + 130C. Each sensor is made on modern technologies on the basis of the thermocompensated tensoresistive sensing elements.

Pressure sensors and other production delivered by us it is certified and registered in the State register of measuring instruments.

Activity of LLC Gidrogazkomplekt is licensed by Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (No. 007946-IR of 12.10.2011).

Pressure sensors are converter displays pressure of the measured environment in unified electric, digital. The field of their application - from the economic models intended for housing sector to high-precision laboratory devices. There is a set of modifications specialized for chemical and food productions, industrial converters of pressure for various conditions and environments.

Generally pressure sensors consist of primary converter as a part of which sensing element - pressure receiver functions. Also are present: scheme of secondary processing of a signal, case shaped parts of various design. Resistance of the sensor to dangerous environments, tightness of connection of the sensor with an object and protection against external influences considerably depends on a case design.

Key parameters of various pressure sensors are limits of measurements, dynamic and frequency ranges. Extremely important parameter - the accuracy of measurement of pressure. Can be additional parameters of the device: mass-dimensional characteristics and admissible operating conditions.

Activity of our company is directed to development, production and sale of pressure sensors and other measuring devices. The nomenclature includes a full range of the devices used in control systems, regulations and ACS of various productions.

The control devices offered by our firm: pressure sensors, manometers, and also the press (pressure control point adjustments), are used at the enterprises in all industries where the main criteria is high quality, reliability, stability and accuracy, it:

  • Gas industry
  • Housing and utilities
  • Oil industry
  • Metallurgical industry
  • Power industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Air and shipbuilding
  • Automobile production
  • Food production and others.

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Pressure transducer and transmitter for housing and utilities — are intended for uniform transformation of pressure of liquids, gas, steam and other environments. Similar devices are used for measurement of sizes in various environments, work with the data-acquisition equipment and regulators in systems of automatic gaging, heataccount knots, etc.

МТ100М (Ех) - the pressure sensor which is used in various gaseous and liquid environments, including aggressive.

Our pressure sensors are constantly updated

Model range of sensors can be changed. Contact us for the latest information and make the order.