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Connecting hose, (analog of 55004 hose) is used when measuring the pressure of media with a temperature outside the operating temperature range of the measuring device. To create normal temperature conditions, the diaphragm seal must be connected to the measuring device either through a connecting hose or through a supply pipe, which is installed by the consumer between the pressure tapping point and the seal.

Pneumatic pressure measuring transducers GSP are always connected to the separator by means of a hose.

Execution option

Execution option "A sleeve connecting assembled with the samopodzhimny patron"

Displacement is allowed when installing a separator with a connecting sleeve in height, while taking into account the installation error of a measuring device with an upper measurement limit of up to 1 MPa, determined by the hydraulic pressure of the separating liquid column in the connecting sleeve.

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Product Specifications

Maximum pressure: 60 MPa.
Standard connecting sleeve when unfolded has a length 2.5 meters.
Material: stainless steel 12Х18Н10Т.

A sleeve of any length, but not more than 5.0 meters, can be made on request.

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