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Reference digital manometer МО‑05М

The article presents new digital instruments for measuring pressure and pressure / vacuum from the Gidrogazkomplekt company: the MO-05 reference manometer, the EKM-05 main manometer with electrical contacts and the MT-05 main manometer. There listed all characteristics of manometers and indicated their capabilities and advantages.

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Reference pressure gauge MO-05 from Gidrogazkomplekt, or What is accuracy

The article introduces the equipment of the company "Gidrogazkomplekt", developed for verification and calibration of measuring instruments: reference manometer MO-05, presses for checking manometers, measuring complex "POISK-600", collector KS. Along with the article, an interview with the CEO of the company A.V. Heide, in which he reveals the features of this unique equipment and talks about its areas of application.

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