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Since September 23, 2009, Gidrogazkomplekt LLC begins to maintain the "NEWS" section, in which we will try to acquaint you with all the news related to our developments, the release of main products, participation in exhibitions and the information that, in our opinion may be useful and interesting to you.


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The production of MO-05 ± 40kPa with 0.05% was started

Since May 15 Gidrogazkomplekt has been producing MO-05 with a measurement limit of ± 40 kPa and accuracy class 0.05%

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MO-05 with an upper measurement limit of ± 40kPa.

From 15.05.2021, orders are accepted for a digital pressure gauge MO-05 with an upper measurement limit of ± 40 kPa with a relative reduced error to the upper range of 0.05% on all ranges. Details on the link: Цифровой манометр МО-05

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OK-5 restrictive valve

For the digital pressure gauge MO-05 or its analogue with an upper measurement limit of 2.5 MPa, we have developed and serially produced an OK-5 restrictive valve, The limits of pressure cutoff adjustment are from 0.5 to 5 MPa. Details on the link: OK-5 restrictive valve

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Price change

Dear partners and clients of Gidrogazkomplekt, we inform you that after the New Year holidays there will be a slight increase in prices for our products.

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New product - Universal hydraulic filter

The filter is an accessory. Designed for cleaning the working fluid from dirt in presses designed for calibration of pressure gauges with a seat with an internal thread M20x1.5. Learn more about this product here.

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