News from our company

Since September 23, 2009, Gidrogazkomplekt LLC begins to maintain the "NEWS" section, in which we will try to acquaint you with all the news related to our developments, the release of main products, participation in exhibitions and the information that, in our opinion may be useful and interesting to you.

New development - Membraneless Hydraulic Separator MHS-100

Dear customers and clients! We are glad to present you a new development - membraneless hydraulic separator MHS-100. Follow the link to find out more information.

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We introduce Diaphragmless Separator with Visual Level Control - 100 MPa

Dear customers! We bring to your attention our new product - Membraneless separator with visual level control - 100 MPa. See details on our website!

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Raising prices due sanctions

Due to sanctions, from March 14, 2022, due to sanctions, we are forced to raise prices by 15-20%

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Increase in prices for components

Due with increasing in prices for components: electronic components, metal, industrial accessories, etc. we are forced to increase prices for our products from 01.12.2021

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Discontinuation of MO-05 release

Dear users and partners of "Gidrogazkomplekt"! Since January 2023, the production of MO-05 digital pressure gauges in general industrial design will be discontinued with service support for 10 years. As a full-fledged replacement for M0-05 we'll begin to release an updated version of the device with extended characteristics and technical capabilities - the model MO-05M.

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