Reference digital manometer МО‑05М

The article presents new digital devices for measuring pressure and pressure / vacuum from the company "Gidrogazkomplekt": reference manometer MO-05, main manometer with electrical contacts EKM-05 and main manometer MT-05. The characteristics of manometers are listed, their capabilities and advantages are indicated.

LLC "Gidrogazkomplekt", Moscow

Manometer MO-05M

Манометр МО‑05М

Four years ago, when the MO-05 digital reference pressure gauge was introduced to the Russian market, it was a solution that at that time had no analogues either among Russian or foreign samples. Other manufacturers of pressure gauges were guided by it, trying to produce products with similar functionality and characteristics. However, the specialists of the Gidrogazkomplekt company continued to work on improving their product and significantly expanded its capabilities. Meet: the new modernized version of MO-05 - the reference digital pressure gauge MO-05M with unique characteristics (Fig. 1).

First of all, the metrological characteristics were improved in the new model: the measuring range of the MO-05M was expanded. If the previous model of the MO-05 pressure gauge had the lower limit of the measured pressure (vacuum) was 6 kPa, then the MO-05M manometer had 0.4 kPa (Table 1). At the same time, up to six separate measurement sub-ranges can be implemented in each pressure gauge, and the user independently selects one of them during setup. If the provided range is not enough, you can order a pressure gauge with a removable measuring part, which will expand the range of the measured pressure. Note that, as a rule, exemplary manometers have only one measurement range, thus, the MO-05M replaces several instruments, which makes it much cheaper and more efficient in operation.

Measurement limits ±γ % Maximum overload
±0,4…±2 kPa 0,05–0,25 ±70 kPa
±0,4…±10 kPa 0,05–0,1 ±500 kPa
±1,0…±6 kPa 0,05; 0,1–0,25 ±70 kPa
100 MPa 0,02–0,25 110 MPa

Table 1. Ranges of pressure of the digital pressure gauge MO‑05M

Subranges "inherited" from the MO-05 pressure gauge:

New subranges of MO-05M are shown in table. 1.

As you can see, the new model retains such an indicator as the permissible basic reduced error, it can be 0.02; 0.05; 0.1; 0.15; 0.25 or 0.4%, which meets any consumer demand for accuracy and price.

In addition, there is an infrared window on the face of the gauge for adjusting the upper sub-range limit. In this way, the inevitable decrease in accuracy can be compensated for, ensuring long-term stability of the instrument. This task is performed by qualified personnel by removing the manufacturer's seal and using a special remote control.

In addition to the sub-range, the user can select the unit of measurement in which the measurement result is indicated: Pa, kPa, kgf / cm², MPa, mm Hg. st, psi, bar and mbar (for LCD models). The last three items (psi, bar and mbar) are new units of measurement that were implemented specifically for the MO-05M manometer.

Devices with LCD for excess pressure 0 ... 100 MPa or vacuum pressure –0.1 ... 0 MPa can now be manufactured with a relative error of the measured value in the range from 15 to 100% - the upper limit of measurement (UML).

One of the innovations was the LCD display on a number of MO-05M models, which expanded its capabilities. The manometers with LCD display received a built-in weather station, which allows assessing the temperature in Celsius degrees at the workplace, barometric pressure in millimeters of mercury salt and relative humidity in percent. In models without LCD display, the measured values ​​of pressure-vacuum are displayed on an LED matrix with different intensity of luminescence, which is selected by the user. Units and sub-ranges are also illuminated by LEDs.

Self-powered manometer from three lithium batteries allows using this device for field work. Time of continuous work without changing batteries is more than 300 hours.

MO-05M is equipped with a USB connector for connection to a personal computer. A special feature of the new gauge is support for Bluetooth LE for communication with mobile devices based on Android. Thus, the MO-05M reference manometer, in addition to its other advantages, is an Internet of Things device. The software for an Android phone or tablet allows you to display the information received from the pressure gauge, both in the form of numbers, letters and special symbols, and in the form of graphs. On the website of the company "Gidrogazkomplekt" there is a data exchange protocol between MO-05M and a PC, which allows the use of a pressure gauge for work in automated technological processes.

Here, on the website, you can find a program that automates the calibration of dial gauges and prints out the verification protocol. With this program, up to six dial gauges located on the same pressure source are simultaneously checked.

Main digital manometer with switch contacts EKM-05

A number of IoT devices include not only a high-tech reference pressure gauge, which has won the recognition of consumers and the respect of instrumentation and automation manufacturers, but also several new devices that Gidrogazkomplekt brought to the market this year. One of them, the EKM-05 manometer, is used to control overpressure, pressure-vacuum of liquids and gases and convert the measured pressure-vacuum into digital and analog representation. ЭКМ-05 is designed to replace all types of electrical contact pressure gauges and pressure sensors with a current output (for controlling secondary equipment). Measurement ranges of ЭКМ-05 are shown in table. 2.

Measured parameter Measurement limits
Excess pressure 0…100 MPa
Excess pressure-vacuum ±6…±40 kPa
Vacuum -0,1…0 MPa

Table 2. Measurement ranges of the EKM-05 manometer

In one model, up to six measuring subranges can be implemented, and the user selects the desired one during setup. The manometer error in different versions can be from 0.25 to 1% of URL. Additional temperature error - no more than 0.2% / 10 °C for each limit.

Maximum overload of the EKM-05 sensor:

The measured values ​​can be displayed in different units: kPa, MPa, kg / cm2. In addition, in versions with an LCD display, the measured values, in addition to those listed, can be displayed in the following units: psi, mbar, bar. The user chooses the required units of measurement independently when setting up the pressure gauge. The measured values ​​are displayed on a 5 ‑ digit LED digital display or a backlit LCD. LCD models are equipped with weather sensors to measure temperature, humidity and barometric pressure. All these values ​​are displayed on the pressure gauge screen.

The EKM-05 manometer is equipped with a 4–20 mA current loop interface. Industrial HART protocol support is available upon special request. The current loop is one of the most reliable data transmission interfaces, it allows you to remotely work with equipment located in the field (including field in the literal sense of the word). For reliable operation in harsh operating conditions, such characteristics of the pressure gauge as an extended operating temperature range of –30 ... + 70 ° C and the presence of an explosion-proof design are also intended.

The possibility of remote reading from EKM-05 at short distances has been implemented: the support of the Bluetooth LE interface is provided, which allows connecting to it from mobile devices based on Android. The software for installation on a smartphone or tablet can be downloaded from the company website. This application displays information from the device both in the form of numbers and special characters, and in the form of a graph.

The pressure gauge is equipped with two signal relays. Setting the alarm setpoints can be done both via a PC and from the screen.

The EKM-05 pressure gauge has the following power supply and switched load characteristics:

Main pressure gauge MT-05

Another new development of the Gidrogazkomplekt company, the MT-05 manometer, is designed to measure the pressure of liquids and gases with indication of the current measured values on a digital display. It is able to measure excess pressure in the range 0 ... 60 MPa with a basic error of 0.5; 1 and 1.5% CI. Additional error caused by temperature is shown in table. 3.

Excess pressure, MPa Temperature, °C Measurement error, % DI/°C
0…4 0…70 ≤ ±0,03
-40…70 ≤ ±0,04
6…60 0…70 ≤ ±0,04
-40…70 ≤ ±0,05

Table 3. Additional error of main pressure gauge МТ-05 caused by temperature

It is no coincidence that such a wide temperature range is indicated in the table: the MT‑05 main pressure gauge is a reliably protected device designed to operate at temperatures from –40 to +70 ° C. It also has two versions: general industrial and explosion-proof, which is a necessary characteristic for devices serving at the facilities of the gas and oil industry.

The МТ-05 pressure gauge is equipped with a replaceable module on lithium-manganese cells, which provides at least 5 years of operation in sleep mode. The operating time in the continuous display mode is at least 6000 hours, that is, 250 days. All measured values ​​are stored in the non-volatile memory of the device, designed for 520,000 reports.

A 4-digit LED display is used to display the data. The measured values ​​can be displayed in three units: kPa, MPa, kg / cm². In order to select the desired units of measurement, as well as adjust the pressure gauge, you can use two control buttons on the body. The device has 3 ranges of overpressure conversion, and in case of an overload of the current range, it signals by flashing the screen.

In addition to the screen, measured values ​​and other operating information can be transmitted wirelessly to an external device: the MT-05 has Bluetooth support. Calibration interval of the manometer is 5 years.

Source: Magazine "ISUP" No. 5 (83) _2019