MT100M ZhKH sensor

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Measuring equipment МТ100М (ZhKH)

When developing this MT100M sensor (ZhKH) special requirements at mass installation on objects of housing and public utilities were considered: high reliability, the increased overload capacity and noise immunity, low cost, the small sizes, high degree of protection against influence of water and dust. The sensor is convenient for mounting, is not critical to change of polarity at connection, has the DIN 43650 connector, and also the possibility of adjustments "0" and the range of measurement is provided in each sensor. Are used as pressure sensors of water and air.


Switching instrument KPM 3 module

KPM 3 module

The sensor of excessive pressure of ZhKH, is intended for continuous and uniform transformation of pressure of liquids, gas, steam and so on, in the unified current output signal (0-5mA, 4-20 mA). The sensor works with the showing and data-acquisition equipment, regulators, in systems of automatic gaging, in nodes of the heataccount and other devices of automatic equipment.

For installation of the sensor we recommend to use specially developed switching instrument KPM-3 module having a cap nut drainage (drain valve) the valve and the valve of dumping. Detailed information on the module is in the section "Auxiliary equipment".


Measurement of parameters, adjustment and setup.

Measurement of parameters of the sensor is performed by the techniques stated in MI 1997-89, but with connection of external chains to terminals 1-2 sensors.

To make setup of the sensor as follows:

  1. to install the sensor into position;
  2. to collect the scheme of turning on of the sensor specified in MI 1997-89.
  3. to include a power supply and to sustain the sensor in the included state not less than 30 min;
  4. to establish the value of an output signal corresponding to the lower extreme value of the measured pressure by means of the proofreader of "zero";
  5. to give the measured pressure equal to an upper limit of the chosen measuring range, and by means of the proofreader of "range" to establish the corresponding value of an output signal; 
  6. to take off pressure, to power off.

For fine tuning "0" and range in some modifications of sensors can the debugging OM-1 module is required. Concerning acquisition of the module address to sales department.

Documents and certifications may be present in a different language.

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Product Specifications

Measuring range: excessive pressure from 0,6 MPas to 2,5 MPas
Limit main blundered ± 0,5% with the accounting of a complementary temperature error with all operating temperature range.
Resistance to climatic influences: +5 °C +50 °C.
Temperature of the measured environment: - 10 °C +90 °C.
Degree of protection against water and dust IP65 in accordance with GOST 1425.
Relative humidity of air to 95% at 35 °C.
On resistance to mechanical influences sensors correspond to execution of VI in accordance with GOST 12997-84.
Output signal 4-20 mA.
Supply voltage 15-42 Century.
Mass of the sensor no more than 0,2 kg
It is long the sensor 110 mm.
Body diameter 25 mm.
Average term of service 15 years.
Threaded connection M12x1,5, M20x1,5, G1/2
Vibration resistance, vibration strength 10G.
Case material AISI304 stainless steel.
Union material LS59 brass.
The measured environment: air, water.
Intertesting interval 3 years.
Electric accession DIN 43650.

For more information contact our sales department by phone. +7 (495) 255-22-96, +7(495) 781-88-63.