KPM 3 switching instrument module

Patent No. 107860.

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Equipment for the operation of measuring instruments KPM-3

KPM-3 is developed and created by LLC Gidrogazkomplekt for convenience at operation of devices of measurement of pressure, and has useful functions extremely necessary for the correct and reliable work on objects of housing and public utilities in utility networks of heating and water supply. KPM-3 is the auxiliary device and simplifies mounting, dismantle and periodic checking of devices of pressure, and also performs function of a damper. By means of this device it is possible to modify the installed pressure sensors.

KPM-3 scheme

KPM-3 scheme

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  1. Simplifies mounting and dismantle of devices of pressure performing function of a locking valve, it is equipped with a cap nut.
  2. Protects sensing elements (mechanisms) of devices of pressure from hydroblows.
  3. Allows to carry out a highway purge after mounting excepting hit of mechanical pollution in measuring channels of the device of pressure.
  4. Has the depressurization valve between the main valve and the device of pressure.
  5. KPM-3 allows to check (to modify) value "0" of the device of pressure without making its dismantle from the highway.
  6. Allows to make checking of the device of pressure without taking off the device pressure of the highway.
  7. Performs function of a damper.

Existence of these functions in KPM-3 really saves not only your time but also money!

Design features:

The module does not perform function of the crane - the flow controller of the measured environment, it performs function of the valve between the measured environment and the working chamber of the measuring device.

KMP-3 allows to drain the pulse line and to connect the inspection and metrological equipment by means of a cap nut.

All KPM-3 nodes adjoining to working liquid are made of high-quality stainless steel that provides long and its reliable use. The valve necessary at mounting of devices of pressure, and also a blow-off valve is provided in a design of KPM-3 drainage (drain valve). The blow-off valve provides removal of mechanical pollution in the channel "Entrance" at connection, carrying out maintenance functions to highways. Excludes hit of mechanical pollution in measuring channels of devices of pressure.

The KPM-3 case is executed from a monolithic corrosion-proof hexagon with a section of 27 mm.

Example 1

Example 1

Example 2

Example 2

The sequence of works when mounting the device of pressure

  1. Before works it is necessary to be convinced that the main valve, the blow-off valve of dumping and the drainage valve is in the closed state.
  2. KMP 3 is established to the highway of pressure by means of threaded accession of G1/2 (Entrance).
  3. To carry out a purge for what in a blow-off valve it is necessary to unscrew the plug on 4 - 5 turns for ensuring the maximum flow capacity of a blow-off valve. After a purge it is necessary to screw the valve plug in an initial point and to tighten it with effort KMP-3, sufficient for ensuring tightness.
  4. If the measured environment liquid it is necessary: to turn off the main valve before emergence of working liquid at the level of packing element in a module exit.
  5. To install the device of pressure upon the exit union under the most convenient corner and to record it a cap nut "3".
  6. To open the main valve. To be convinced of tightness of connections.

Dismantle of the device of pressure

  1. To block the main valve.
  2. To unscrew the drainage valve for the depressurization brought to the device.
  3. To turn off a cap nut "3".
  4. To remove pressure device.

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Product Specifications

Working pressure 5,0 MPas.
Working environment cold water, hot water.
Operating temperature - 50 +130.
Connection The crane has the union with an internal thread G 1/2 and a cap nut with a thread of M 20x1,5(G1/2). 
Weight 400 grams.
Material stainless steel 12kh18n10.
Tightness class in accordance with GOST 9544-93.
Guarantee 3 years.
Service life 15 years.


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