PUM-6M press (testing)

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Manometric equipment for setting the required pressure PUM-6M


PUM-6M press (manometrical) of production of LLC Gidrogazkomplekt, is applied to a task of required pneumatic pressure, depression for carrying out checkings of devices of measurement of pressure (pressure sensors, manometers, vacuum meters, compound pressure gages, differential pressure gages, etc.) by method of checking of indications, a model gage with calibrated, and also to molding of tightness of different technical products and systems. The press is intended for creation of excess pressure discharge by air, when checking measuring devices pressure up to 2,5 MPas. It is the device for checking of manometers.

As well as all the press of the PUM series, this device is made of quality stainless steel (08X18H). The piston in the working chamber is made of D16T metal. The press is intended for long use, service life not less than 15 years and are issued in modification on a support according to TU 4212-008-00226218-2007. Reliability of a press is provided due to welded compounds and use of such materials as titanium and nitrite of silicon.

Application area

Prime area of application of a press: use as the auxiliary device when checking manometers, etc. measuring devices in the bodies of the public metrological service, the industrial enterprises which are releasing and operating pressure gages, etc.

The press has no measuring part, and is not subject to obligatory certification. The limit of an admissible main error is defined by accuracy rating of a model gage.

For checking by a checking method, to a press, we recommend to buy our model gages manometers model MO-05M.

The press is issued on a support and is convenient for application as a stationary press for creation of pressure air, with a possibility of rigid fixing of a press to a horizontal surface, through four pilot holes in a support. The fastening connecting a support and a press allows to unroll a press at any angle in the horizontal plane.

Complete set

Is included in the package of a press: basis (support), set of spare rubber rings (sealants) and operating manual (passport).

As the environment: air is applied to transfer of pressure for PUM6M.

We ask to consider that technical improvement of press can sometimes lead to not basic discrepancies between the device and the text of the operation manual.

Documents and certifications may be present in a different language.

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Product Specifications

Range of the set pressure
rated, MPa
depression, MPa
the most admissible MPa
Volume of replacement of the piston camera of a press, cm3 330,0
Leading dimensions, mm Length (with the twisted running screw) 350
Width 275
Height 233
Weight (without fastening nodes), kg no more than 8,5
Ambient air temperature, hail. With ° -5…+50

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