Press PT-0,25

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Equipment for setting the required pressure PT-0.25

Press PT-0.25 produced by OOO "Gidrogazkomplekt", is used to specify the required excess pressure, as well as the rarefaction for verifying low pressure gauges, gravity gauges, low pressure gauges, vacuum gauges, manometers, etc., by comparing the readings, the exemplary means of measurement with verifiable.

Press PT-0.25 is designed for long-term use, a service life of at least 15 years and is manufactured in a modification on a stand in accordance with TU 4212-008-00226222-2017.

Application area

The main area of ​​application of the press is the use of pressure in the organs of the state metrological service, industrial enterprises, producing and operating pressure measuring devices as an auxiliary device when checking instruments.

The press does not have a measuring part, and it is not subject to mandatory certification. The limit of the permissible basic error is determined by the accuracy class of the reference instrument.

For verification by comparison, to the press, we recommend that we purchase our model measuring instruments for manometers, exemplary MO-05M.

The press is produced on a stand and is convenient for use as a stationary press for creating air pressure, with the possibility of rigidly fixing the press to a horizontal surface, through four technological holes in the stand

Documents and certifications may be present in a different language.

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Package Contents

The kit includes: Press PT-0.25, a set of spare rubber rings (seals) user's manual (passport), packaging.

Air is used as a medium for transferring pressure to PT-0.25.

Product Specifications

Range of preset pressure, MPa

-0,095 ... 0,25

Nominal overpressure, MPa


Pressure, MPa


Maximum Permissible pressure, MPa


Set pressure with discreteness, Pa


The displacement volume of the piston chamber of the press, cm3


Length, mm (with screw threaded screw)


Width, mm


Height, mm


Weight (without attachment points), kg

not more than 6.5

Ambient air temperature, degrees C °

-5 … +50


Please note that the technical improvement of the presses can sometimes lead to non-principal discrepancies between the instrument and the text of the operating manual.

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