Crane of high pressure KVD400, KVD600, KVD1000

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Equipment for cutting off the pressure device KVD40, KVD60, KVD100

The crane of high pressure KVD400, KVD600, KVD1000 is used to pressure device cut-off (the manometer, the pressure sensor, etc.) from the highway. Structurally the crane belongs to the category of needle.

Small efforts of a cut-off of pressure, low price, small dimensions, high reliability all this is distinctive feature of this crane.

Also we have an option with self-tightening jig.

High-pressure crane scheme

High-pressure crane scheme

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KVD-60 with self-tightening jig

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Product Specifications

Maximum pressure of a cut-off KVD400 - 400 kgfs/cm2
KVD600 - 600 kgfs/cm2
KVD1000 - 1000 kgfs/cm2
Threaded connection by default to the highway - M20x1,5
to the device - M20x1,5
Material stainless steel, titanium, ceramics
Weight 300 grams


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