Membraneless hydraulic separator MHS-100

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Membraneless separating equipment MHS-100

The membraneless hydraulic separator (or as MHS) with media boundary indicator is designed to transfer hydraulic pressure from a pressure source with oil working evironment to a pressure device with water working evironment without additional error.

The main area of ​​application of MHS as an auxiliary device for instruments in the state metrological service and industrial enterprises that produce and operate pressure measuring instruments. MHS does not have a measuring part, and is not subject to mandatory certification. The limit of permissible basic error is determined by the accuracy class of the exemplary measuring instrument.

MHS is made of corrosion-resistant materials and is designed to work with pressure up to 100 MPa.

The main difference of the proposed device is the presence of an electronic indicator of the boundaries of the media. The indicator allows real-time observation of the oil-water interface in the working cavity of the MHS.

No tools are required for maintenance and cleaning of the instrument.

Assembly and disassembly is carried out only by hand.

Demonstration of assembly and disassembly separator

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Product Specifications

Main technical characteristics:

Р max 100 MPa
Height 220 mm.
Width 150 mm.
Weight 3,8 kg.
Separation of environments oil - water.

Standard equipment:

SMH-100 1 pcs.
Power Supply 1 pcs.
Instruction Manual 1 pcs.
Protective cap 1 pcs.
O-ring kit 1 set.
Package 1 pcs.

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