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Equipment for installation in an existing landing slot


The adapter serves for installation of the measuring device to the existing landing slot of the highway.

Adapter material: HP brass 59, stainless steel 08X18H (AISI 304).

Options of adapters:

Designation to the device to the highway
Adapter Thread step Thread step
M20x1,5/M10x1,0 M10x1,0 M20x1,5
M20x1,5/M12x1,5 M12x1,5 M20x1,5
M20x1,5/M16x1,0 M16x1,0 M20x1,5
M20x1,5/M16x1,5 M16x1,5 M20x1,5
M20x1,5/M18x1,0 M18x1,0 M20x1,5
M20x1,5/M18x1,5 M18x1,5 M20x1,5
M20x1,5/G1/2 G1/2  M20x1,5
M20x1,5/G1/4 G1/4 M20x1,5
M20x1,5/G1/8 G1/8 M20x1,5
M20x1,5/G3/8 G3/8 M20x1,5

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