Discharge sensors (MT100P sensor analog)

Sample registration of the goods

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Measuring equipment MT100M (Ex)

Sensors of discharge MT100M (Ех)

Compact execution with correction of zero and range.


Sensors of excessive pressure of the MT series are intended for continuous and uniform transformation of pressure of liquids, gas, steam and so on in the unified current output signal (0-5 mA, 4-20 mA). Sensors work with the showing and data-acquisition equipment, regulators, in systems of automatic gaging, in nodes of the heataccount and other devices of automatic equipment. 

Switching instrument KPM 3 module

KPM 3 module

All sensors of excessive pressure MT100M (Ех) are temperature-compensated on "0" and on all range of measurement, and also the possibility of adjustments "0" and range is provided in each sensor. Sensors are convenient for mounting, are not critical to change of polarity at connection, have the DIN 43650 connector. Is an analog of KRT pressure sensors.

For installation of sensors, we recommend to use specially developed switching instrument KPM-2 module the valve having drainage (drain valve). Detailed information on the module is in the section "Auxiliary equipment".

Product Specifications:

Measuring range Pressure of discharge is-0,1-0 MPas
Limit main blundered
range of changes
± 0,15; ± 0,25; ± 0,5 %; 
Resistance to climatic influences -40(-55)°С +80°С.
Degree of protection against water and dust IP65 in accordance with GOST 1425.
Relative humidity of air до 95 % при 35°С.
Temperature of the measured environment With addition radiator


(With addition radiator to +130 °C.)
On resistance to mechanical influences sensors correspond to execution of VI in accordance with GOST 12997-84
Output signal 0-5; 4-20 mA.
Supply voltage from 16 to 42B (Ex - 24 V).
Mass of the sensor no more than 0,3 kg
Sensor length With addition radiator


from 115 mm to 175 mm
(With addition radiator 205 mm.).
Body diameter 34 mm.
Intertesting interval 3 years.
Average term of service 15 years.
Threaded connection M12x1,5, M20x1,5, G1/2. 
Vibration resistance, vibration strength 10G.
Case material AISI304 stainless steel.
Union material stainless steel 12X18H10T.
Sensor silicon on sapphire is executed on technology.
Electric accession DIN 43650.

Sample registration of the goods

Discharge sensor
(MT100P sensor analog)
У2(-30+50) 0,25 1,5 МРа М1 42
1 2 3 4 5
  1. Designation of a type of climatic modification and range of temperatures
  2. Limit of the allowed main error.
  3. Measuring range.
  4. Designation of the threaded connection. 
    М20х1,5 – М1
    G ½ - М2
    In lack of designation, M20x1,5 is delivered
  5. Code of an output signal 42 for 4-20mA.


Circuit diagram of connection of sensors.

An electric power supply of sensors is carried out from a source of a direct current from 15 to 42V, but not less, determined by a formula:


where Unmin - the minimum allowable stress of a power supply at Rn loading, V;
Rn - resistance of loading, (kOhm).
Umin - the minimum allowable stress of a power supply without loading, equal 15V;
Iv - the upper extreme value of an output signal equal 20mA.

Rh - loading resistance. Polarity of a power supply of the sensor can be chosen randomly.
Checking is made according to the recommendation of MI 1997-89, but with connection to terminals 1-2 sensors.

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