Attention! The updated version program providing is available to MO-05.

A new version of software for MO-05 manometer has been released.

In new version 1.2 of the software shortcomings of the previous version 1.1 were considered, namely:

  1. The number of the calibrated manometers is increased to 6. This option is convenient when using collectors of the KST series with maximum at the same time calibrated manometers to 6 pieces.
  2. The coefficient of a stock of the calibrated manometer is entered (error margin).
  3. Calculation of the maximum error and calculation of the maximum variation of the calibrated manometer is entered.
  4. Calculation is entered "Is suitable", "Is not suitable".
  5. Automatic detection of the connected MO-05 model is entered.
  6. The error is corrected during the work with negative pressures.
  7. The scale of a mercury column for MO-05 with an upper limit of measurement of 40 kPa is entered.

In the nearest future screenshots for a detailed explanation of work with the program will be laid out.

More information about the software version and principles of its work you can find out by calling to our managers by phone +7(495) 255-22-96 or write us an e-mail at

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