Digital manometer MO-05M, version 3

Comprasion table of MO-05M versions

ТУ 4212-020-7900519-2019

Features of "Version 3":

  • LED display
  • Reduced error
  • Non-removable measuring part

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General description

Digital pressure gauges MO-05M manufactured by Gidrogazkomplekt LLC are designed to measure excess pressure, atmospheric pressure, temperature and relative humidity. Scope in the field of state regulation of ensuring the uniformity of measurements: Transfer of the size of pressure units during verification, calibration and testing of pressure measuring instruments.

Registration No. 82489-21 approved by order of the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology dated August 4, 2021. No. 1608.

Information about MO-05M pressure gauges in FGIS "ARSHIN":

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Package set

pressure transmitters

Digital manometer МО-05М - 1 pcs.

vacuum sensors

Package - 1 шт.

shut-off valve

Operation manual (passport) - 1 pcs.

tap for pressure gauge

Protective cap of a measuring channel - 1 pcs.

table hydraulic press

The certificate of a model gage - 1 pcs.

pressure sensor

Lithium batteries of the AA format - 3 pcs.

The water-proof boxing with the valve of alignment of atmospheric pressure is delivered on demand.

As a source of pressure we recommend to get the press manometrical our production PUM-100M, PUM-60M, PUM-40M, PUM-6M, 2113M.

Product Specifications

Limit of permissible reduced error, % of measurement subrange

0,02; 0,025; 0,05; 0,1; 0,15; 0,25; 0,4

Measure units

Pa, kPa, mmHg (for manometers less than ±40kPa)

kPa, MPa, kgf/cm2 (all other)

Measurement subranges, MPa

- underpressure

- overpressure

- pressure-vacuum


From -0,1 to 0

From (from 0 to 0,04) to (from 0 to 100)

From (from -0,0004 to 0,0004) to (from -0,04 to 0,04)

Calibration interval

1 year - ±0,02; ±0,025; ±0,05 %; 2 years - ±0,1; ±0,15; ±0,25; ±0,4 %

Additional error caused by the deviation of the ambient temperature from the temperature range from +21 to +25 °С in the range of operating temperatures, %/10 °С

0,8γ (Pressure gauges manufactured with climatic version from +5 to +50 °С or from +18 to +28 °С, don't have an additional error)

In terms of resistance to climatic influences, they are made in accordance with GOST 15150-69

- UHL3.1 (-30 ÷ +70 °С);

- UHL3.1 (-10 ÷ +70 °С);

- UHL3.1 (+5 ÷ +50 °С).

- UHL3.1 (+18 ÷ +28 °С) for 0,02 – 0,05% and manometers with UML ±2 and ±6 kPa.

Rate of protection against ingress of dust and water, in accordance with GOST 14254-2015


Number of subranges in one pressure gauge

5 or 6

In accordance with GOST R 52931-2008, in terms of resistance to mechanical stress, it corresponds to the performance group


Electrical power is provided

a) from three lithium batteries of the AA format voltage of 1.5 volts.

b) from an external power source.

The time of continuous operation of the MO-05M pressure gauge from batteries is at least 300 hours. MO-05M pressure gauge has three brightness modes glowing digital LED indication. This characteristic is indicated for a low level of luminescence. With an increase the brightness of the glow of the digital indication, the time of continuous operation of the MO-05M pressure gauge decreases.

Mean time between failures

150000 hours

Weight, kg, no more than


Overall dimensions (width×length×height), mm, no more than


Thread connection


Nozzle material

stainless steel AISI 304

Manometer case material

D16T Aluminum Alloy

Manometers with an upper measurement limit of 2.5 MPa are supplied with a restrictive valve OK-5.

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